The Winklevoss Twins Take A Shot At Old People Who Don’t Get Bitcoin | CNBC

Tyler Winklevoss says the older generation of the financial community doesn’t understand the future of money.
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The Winklevoss Twins Take A Shot At Old People Who Don’t Get Bitcoin | CNBC


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9 Thoughts to “The Winklevoss Twins Take A Shot At Old People Who Don’t Get Bitcoin | CNBC”

  1. “ We all age. Thus, maybe some of us older people are at peace 🌾, with our lives. Don’t judge what you do not understand. Invest the way you wish, but don’t bring ageism into the discussion. I’m age 42, I most likely am at harmony more then most people. Peace 🌿 “

    “ Money 💰 thou important, is not life “ 🥀

  2. Like to see the Winkletwinks say that to my face.

  3. The young man makes some great points.

  4. It took Buffett forever (in trading days) to come around to Apple.

  5. It's like autotune in Rap. Jay Z said it was dead years ago…yo mama's wrong again-colonel sanders

  6. Buffet and other old money guys are so scared of this technology for good reasons. Wonder how his recently acquired amazon stocks are doing? lol

  7. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This already happened with the dot com bubble. The current cryptos will be worthless someday. New ones will take their place.Not believing it because of "swag" is not going to make you rich. I'm sure tons of people were calling bitconnect the future as well. If you crypto guys want to keep pretending you can read the future instead of looking to the past and making judgments based off of facts feel free. It's not my money so I can't tell you what to do with it. But know this my investments are all backed by something real for a reason.

  8. The Winklevoss twins will be considered old in a few years. It goes by fast.

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